5-Phase 3-Phase error for example file and task test

Dear all,

I was running 5-phase in HB+ for the first time (starting from example file and then a project). However I found some errors while testing.

Downloaded from Github example files for Honeybee[+], I cannot run the file 11 and 12 for 5-phase method. Radiance 5.2 official release installed, Honeybee[+] updated from Github. The error message is also mentioned in this post: 1. Solution exception:Failed to load total results for window_group [1], state[0] for hour 0.0. ‘tuple’ object does not support item assignment. As mentioned in this post, this issue will be fixed in the next release and is caused by “the initial values are saved as tuple and not list”.

So I moved on to 3-Phase test. The example files work well. And I only have 1 window group with 2 states. 3-Phase should work if I don’t need accurate spatial resolution. It would be really helpful if anyone can comment on “what is accurate spatial resolution”!

But no matter I connect 3-phase or 5-phase recipe, I noticed that in the cmd window it shows “fatal - unexpected EOF in header” at step 2. matrix multiplication [1/3] and [2/3], screenshot below:

And in the end of the run, the RunRadiance failed to load empty result file. In result folder, direct…scene…default (5-phase), scene…default (5-phase and 3-phase), and total…scene…default (5-phase and 3-phase) are all empty files.


Any advice or suggestions about this issue would be much appreciated! Thanks!


I will check this tomorrow and get back to you. Thank you for reporting the issue.

hi @Xiufang ,

  1. Please check that re-use matrix in your recipe component is turned to false, otherwise make sure you delete the folder that was created in /ladybug. Basically if you left the matrices file from a previous test that you interupted you may be re-using files that are empty. have a look .

  2. an easy way to put it is that 3 phase method will give you the correct average amount of lux falling on a surface but you won’t see the sharp patterns of light/shadows.


The same happens with the Annual Recipe,

“fatal - unexpected EOF in header” during the matrix multiplication process,
and no .ill files generated as Xiufang mentioned.

Radiance version 5.2 official, Github updated HB[+] and no reuse of Dmtx.

and the tmp folder contains three empty files as shown below:


what if you remove -pj?

In error message it says unsupported option -pj. If it works after removing -pj from rfluxmtx commands then that should be the issue.

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Yep. I had migrated all radiance rendering settings that i had used for a DC simulation with the Legacy version, to compare apples with apples, but i found out it does not work that way. If i use the RADParGridBased component, then there are 4 options for 4 different sets of parameters:

  1. point-in-time
  2. DC
  3. 3Phase
  4. 5Phase
    The annual recipe (analemma) will only work with the 2. DC set of parameters. Thank you Mostapha!

P.S. It might have been a different thing that Xiufang was after for her case.