8760 Schedule in Ironbug

Is there a way to create an annual schedule with 8760 unique values?

Hi,@Elliot_Glassman You can use honeybee to create an annual schedule with 8760 unique values then assign to ironbug
Here is the example file created by @MingboPeng

Ironbug doesn’t seem to like the csv 8760 annual schedules from honeybee…they seem to need to the ironbug schedule components but those are configured for daily/weekly values

OpenStudio 2.5 doesn’t have Schedule:File object which is needed for csv files. But it has been added after OS 2.7, I will add Schedule:File later with OS2.8.

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I have added ScheduleFile in this update patch, you can download and test it if anyone is interested in.

Hi @MingboPeng,

I have tried the ScheduleFile to input the Source Temperature Schedule for a PlantComponent.

This error is shown:
“0. Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 9.4.0-998c4b761e, YMD=2021.03.15 14:19,
** Severe ** [Schedule:File][Schedule File 1] - Missing required property ‘file_name’.”

Can I use the ScheduleFile to create a 8760 temperature schedule ?
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I have the same problem when using rerun osm honeybee 1.2 but when I use legacy re-run osm 0.0.66 this was solved.

I’m also getting the same error using LBT 1.5 with OpenStudio 3.4.0 and Ironbug 1.1.1
@MingboPeng, any help is highly appreciated!

Hi all,

Please let me know if there is an issue with using CSV file as a schedule in Ironbug in the latest version with the new LBT1.7. It should be all fixed.