A question about timestep

Hi there, I just encountered some questions on “timestep”. When I set the “timestep” to 2 or 3 when I was about to calculate sun hour, the output time number and legend was doubled or tripled. What should I do to deal with it?


What is the test result?

Is it faster or more, I can’t wait to install it

The time period was 800-1600, 8 hours in total but when I set timestep as 2 or 3 it gets doubled and tripled.

I posted picture in the previous post

@Zed ,

If you are only changing the timestep on the “LB Analysis Period” component but not plugging in the same timestep to the “LB Direct Sun Hours” component, you are going to get the incorrect doubling behavior that you describe. So make sure you are plugging the timestep into the “LB Direct Sun Hours” component.

I’ll just also clarify that this timestep behaviour really hasn’t changed much between legacy and LBT Ladybug (the legacy ladybug also required you to plug the timestep into the “Sunlight Hours” component) . The only difference is that you now plug the timestep into the analysis period instead of the sunpath.