Adaptive Comfort Calculator - Target temperature


I would like to know what the “target temperature” field refers to in the Ladybug Adaptive Comfort Calculator component. Is it the line lying at the center of the comfort region? And how is it calculated? Any references is much appreciated.


Hi Ipek,

Yes. It is the line at the center of the comfort polygon. This temperature is famously known as Neutrality Temperature (Tn). You will find several resources for the same. This is one such reference. Where Neutrality temperature is defined as Tn = 17.7 + 0.31 * Tav. Where Tav is the mean temperature of the month.


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Hi Ladybug team

I have a question about LB Adaptive Comfort

. How can I get “Upper Temperature Bound” and “lowerTemperatureBound” in the new version ?? I used to calculate them in the legacy version.