Fine tuning the Adaptive Comfort band calculation according to EN16798

Hi @chris ,

The Adaptive Comfort band calculation has been a running topic in the forum (here and there, etc).

We usually calculate the adaptive comfort bands for EN16798 with a GH script of our own, but since everything is now meant to be well streamlined and integrated within LB components, I thought I’d raise this to fine-tune it.

In the Adaptive Comfort Parameters, I see that the neutral_offset is set to offset the neutral temperature symmetrically,

while in fact, the EN16798 states various offsets depending on the category,


If this can be of any help to you, for whenever you find the time/energy to update that component - that is of course , if I’m not mistaken -, here is a python script that we use to calculate the comfort bands depending on EN16798 Categories:
240417 Calc Comfort Band (18.1 KB)