Analysis Period (hours) not respected


When I set a simulation analysis period on hours not 1 to 24 it is disregarded and the simulation runs from hour 1 to hour 24 (see attached image, hovering with mouse over analysis period input…panel to the right is the displaying headers of the results).

The analysis period is going in properly formatted to the EP component. I suspect maybe the idf file is being written this field incorrectly.

I’m attaching my gh file, you can find the EP components at the bottom grouped in green.


Mauricio (571 KB)

It’s as expected. There is no field for hour in EnergyPlus. It only accepts day and month. You can filter the results for the hours the specific hours but the simulation will run for the whole day.

Ahhh, it all makes sense. Thanks for your prompt response.

I was away and couldn’t access the forum.

all the best,