Annual Climate-based (grid-based) DA / UDI not giving any results


I’m relatively new to ladybug / honeybee, and cant seem to figure out a solution to my problem.

Trying to generate a Annual climate-based grid-based UDI, i can’t get any results. The only fauilt i find, is in “Ladybug _ Recolor mesh”:
“1. length of the results [=1] is not equal to the number of mesh faces [=98] or mesh vertices[=120].”

Using the same definition to generate point-in-time works fine, and i think the components are updated…

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Dennisandersson,

Welcome to the forum. This has been asked before. Please check this discussion. Please also read Forum guidelines. It would be great it you also set a profile picture.

Thank you @devang, I will investigate at your referred link.

200903_Daylight definition_NOT (689.1 KB)

Sorry, it seems thst me and @walaa didn’t have the same issue. I tried follow the instructions she got, but without success. My input/analysis result going into the Recolor_mesh reads “null” and when I trace it back to LookupFolder_Daylighting, im lost…

Thank you

again for any tip.