Annual Daylight (DA) and heatmap issues

Hi, when I look at the template sDA + ASE_LBT_ForumsDA + (192.9 KB)

I get the following issue within the Heatmap component of sDA: 1*. Solution exception:Number of colors (615) does not match the number of mesh faces (128) nor the number of vertices (153).*
The only thing I’ve done to this file is edit the weather file and update the Annual Daylight component to v1.3.1.

Even though there is only one room my sDA output is giving me 12 “rooms” of data? And no mater the input details I get the same output with the 12 sets of data (although only two actually have anything in it)?

Any suggestions?

Hey Shanice,

Looks like you’re outputting a Daylight Autonomy and NOT a sDA (spatial Daylight Autonomi). The sDA is described in the LM83 paper and requires blinds setup.

Careful on confusing the two terms, as the DA you’ve setup is not sufficient for LEED.

Take a look at the thread here:

Your grid looks ok when i simulate it:

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Hi @Mathiassn,

Thanks for the detailed response, I really appreciate it.

Great to learn about the sDA vs DA difference as I agree, I do not want to confuse the two.

My actually issue is that I cant seem to run the Annual Daylight component, but if you can it must be a problem with my versions or computer setup (which is a pain to solve but I’ll have to keep digging).

Is this the file you shared before? Looks like 10000+ faces in your screenshot and it was only 100ish in the file if I remember correctly

The screenshot was from another model but its the same setup and issue (X faces are different to y meshes). I also noticed that no matter what weather file I put in the DA output values don’t change.
The issue was I had the reload old setting toggled on, so it wasn’t actually running. Turned it of and it works like a charm

Thanks for the help!