sDA and ASE with LB 1.3.0

Hello all!
I am working on sDA and ASE calculations with LB 1.3.0, I followed the script provided by @AbrahamYezioro here
I changed the components from LB 1.2.0 to LB 1.3.0
I got results for my model, but they are not normal, it looks like there is no window (just a void in the wall) and no shadings, for example, I got 3000% for ASE which is very weird!
I don’t know if the problem is in my model, though it is a simple room with one window and a balcony as a shading device.

I will attach my script, hope someone can help me.

ASE + (222.0 KB)

This is the result of my model.
Is it correct?

This is for sDA.

When I changed the parameters of the model (Aperture ratio, balcony depth, and type) the results of sDA still the same for all options.
You can see the sDA results in this pic and the previous one are same.
sDA 2

For the sDA, I tried to use a different weather_URL, but the results are still the same.

I found the solution for sDA constant results, many thanks to @Shanice, she added the solution in her topic I wished I saw it earlier
Where the solution is to turn the reload_old toggle off.