Annual DGP simulation error in H+

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Is there anyone who encounters an issue about annual DGP simulation in H+ ? It has took me a long time to simulate the annul DGP using the HoneybeePlus DC image based Daylight Recipe and the HoneybeePlus_Generate Images . But when it is over , there is one error :1. Solution exception:moy must be positive and smaller than 525600. Invalid input 525600 ,in addition to that , the report is

. And there is some screenshots about my models.

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Can you manually input a list for hoys? It seems the last hour is out of bounds for valid hours.

Hi mostapha

Thank you for your valuable solution . I have revised my model according to your suggestion ,namely , I use Ladybug_DOY_HOY to create hoys(4015h) for working hours for a year . And I make the states be consistent with the hoys . But there is another trouble in my model which is 1. Solution exception:WindowsError . What makes me odd is I think my window is right . I have only a large window in my southern wall .image

On top of that , I have a doubt if this method can simulate the annual DGP . Because I think the outcome will be 4015 images in the Ladybug_image_viewer . Am I right?

Do you have one of the files open already? If you don’t want to close the files then you can change the folder.

The result will be 4015 images which you should run through evalglare one by one for glare analysis. I would use fly to automate the process. Passing 4000 images to any component including Image_viewer can make the process very slow and you don’t really need it.

@ mostapha

Thank you for your kindness . You may be right :grinning:. But it has took a long time to run and it has not been over. Simultaneously , I don’t understand what you said about the second answer ignoring my innocence . What is the evalglare ? is this the fly image ? Could you give me a briefly example file ? And I want to know if the outcome will be

. Sorry to disturb you .

Image-based daylight coefficient takes a long time to be generated. Once you have the base image generated it is quite easy to generate a new image for each hour of the year.

What I’m suggesting is to set the hoys for sky to a couple of hours (not the whole year) and generate the base image (which is the result of dc calculation). Then feed the hours to the study one by one using Fly component and use Glare analysis component from Honeybee to calculate DGP value for each hour. You need to collect this values for every hour and once you have that you can put them together to generate a graph similar to the one that you posted up there.

The easier solution, and specially if your case is as simple as a room, is to use Honeybee legacy which uses Daysim for annual glare.

Hi Mostapha,
I also checked the old discussion about Big discrepancies between annual DGP calculation and DGP from image.

As far as you know, is the inaccuracy of annual DGP calculation in HB legacy caused by HB itself or caused by what Daysim is designed? Can you give me some references about how Daysim calculate the annual DGP as what is used in HB legacy?

Hello Mr.Mostapha
Could you please tell me how to create the Annual DGP Graph like in the above post or you have an example file?