Annual Radiation results 6 ways, result of 2 kinds, around 1000 times between them, is it because of the excluded reflection?

Hi everyone!
I’ve ran into a same problem as OlivierDambron in this post:

The same 1000 times result. This time I updated all the HB components and run through all the six ways HB and HB+ and compare the results.
Only when I use the Ladybug_RadiationAnalysis and HB_GridBased_Sim the result is around 1500kWh/m2, Others are all around 1500000(I think the unit is also kWh/m2?). From the above mentioned post only the ladybug RadiationAnalysis exclude the reflection, from the HB_GridBased_Sim can I conclude this approach also exclude the reflection? And what suprised me is how big the effect of reflection to the annual radiation:sweat: since there is only one box here. Can someone help to figure out why?
Attached the GH file. (606.9 KB)

Hi all and @OlivierDambron @mostapha !
I’ve further tested the two method:HB_GridBased_Sim and Ladybug_RadiationAnalysis (whitch is both around 1500kWh/m2) using two different customed materials differ in reflection, the results imply that the HB approach has included the reflection of surroundings. I’am confused, how the above 1000 times’ difference happen? As I know the annual radiation value around 1500kWh/m2 is a normal direct solar radiation.
Below are the test screenshots and the gh file. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! (542.7 KB)

Below is a one day radiation value of 4 approachs. The above HB+ results is really high. I still can’t conclude why all these results.

Most likely you are comparing watthour values with kwatthours values.

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Wow, I haven’t noticed of this cause.:smile: since there are no unit output… This seems to be a silly question from a newbee :smile:. Solved! Thank you!