AnnualDaylight occupancy schedule VS. wea hoys

Hello @chris

It seems that in the HB Annual Daylight component, when the schedule input is left to None, the component calculates annual results based on a default schedule of “9to5 on weekdays”.
This information is missing from the description of the input, I have been assuming that the results were calculated on the basis of the hoys specified at the WEA level.

*_schedule_: An annual occupancy schedule, either as a Ladybug Hourly Continuous. Data Collection or a HB-Energy schedule object. This can also be the path to a CSV file with 8760 rows or the identifier of a schedule in the honeybee-energy schedule library. Any value in this schedule that is 0.1 or above will be considered occupied.*

I was a bit confused, could you confirm that this is how the component works?

Also what was the initial intention behind specifying the hoys at the WEA level if the calculations disregard it downstream?

It could be good to add to the description of the schedule input what the HB AnnualDaylight component is doing by default, so that it is clear for the user what the results correspond to.

Hey @OlivierDambron ,

Annual daylight is a bit of a special case compared to the other Wea-based recipes since it’s really only meant to be run for the full year (meaning that you usually should not use the hoys_ input on the Wea when running the recipe).

As a general rule, using the hoys_ input to filter the Wea will remove the hour completely from the simulation, which can result in runtime savings when you really only care about a small part of the full year. So this can be helpful on recipes like Annual Irradiance, Direct Sun Hours and Cumulative Radiation.

But, for annual daylight, removing hours from the simulation without also removing them from the occupancy schedule can result in some misleading results for the daylight metrics. So it’s usually best to just not touch the hoys_ for this case and just make sure that your occupancy _schedule_. I took your suggestion and just pushed an update to the component that mentions the default 8 AM to 5 PM schedule:


just to say Thank you @chris , all is clear
I see the benefits of running sub-annual daylight simulations when running very large cases with 25-40k points, in regards to either reducing running time, memory or disk space limitations .

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Hi @chris,

Please forgive me if there is an obvious answer I’ve missed: Is the default 8AM to 5PM schedule (bulit into Annual Daylight) a searchable schedule from the “HB Search Schedules”? I’ve searched “default” but only found School specific schedules.

Or is it simply 8 AM to 5PM Mon-Fri, with each hour sitting at a value of 1, and all values either side of these hours sitting at 0 (i.e. no tapering up or down)?


Hi @beardface00,

I am not sure if the default schedule from Annual Daylight is searchable, but you are correct on your assumptions about the values. You can find the function here. Or use the attached file to visualize it. (17.3 KB)

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Thank you, Mikkel. That answers that question!