Blind Hour - Can't receive result for analysis between 24:00 and 01:00


Tried to find a discussion regarding this but didn’t succeed.

The thing is that i want/need to present a result analysis from hour 24 of one day to hour 01:00 of the next day. Can’t do it!!

The specific case is related to comfort analysis hour by hour, overall 24 hours. Can do only 23.

ANy ideas?




As far as I have seen the analysis period doesn’t work when the first hour is bigger than the second, it flips them.

Probably I do it quite complex, but it has worked for me. Delete the analysis period and then create a subset list with the period you are interested in of the data that the adaptive chart asks for (only the numbers, do not add the strings)

Probably someone else will tell you an easier way.

Thanks Julia,

It works fine. Wish a future version of the analysisPeriod will allow such cases.



You definitely deserve the title of “power user” after this and your last post (both for GH and LB+HB). You are right that we currently provide no method to get this blind hour. However, quite amazingly, I just removed the checks on the analysisPeriod component and it seems that this ability has been in the back end all along and Mostapha must have forgotten to remove the check for this after adding the capability years ago:

All of the analysisPeriod components are using the same underlying function to slice the data so all of them should work in the same way that the attached test does. I also checked the 3D chart, the sky matrix selector, and a few other components that accept the sliced data and everything is good. I can’t believe how long this unnecessary check must have been in there as the analysisPeriod functions have not been touched in years. I have amended the code here:…

Very glad that you two posted on this. Thank you for asking the right questions.

-Chris (375 KB)

Thank you both,

Both methods work just fine.

The fix for the analysisPeriod is just what i need now, but Julia’s have a good potential for providing a nice degree of flexibility.



hahaha, thanks Chris