Blind Hour - Cant run 24h analysis from midnight to 1am

Hi everyone.
I need to run an analysis for a 24h period between February 16th 6am to February 17th 6am. Ive been doing just fine, yet only managed to get 23 intervals. The one which is between midnight and 1am is missing and although Ive checked the code multiple times, it doesnt get right. How can I run it?
Ive tried the following analysis periods: Feb 17th 0 - Feb 17th 1 Feb 16th 24 - Feb 17th 0 Still none gets that gap between 0-1 hours. Im aware of this post Blind Hour - Can't receive result for analysis between 24:00 and 01:00 yet it didn`t solve for me…

@AnnaPeres ,

You’ll need to provide some screenshots or sample file to know what exactly the issue is. I also might recommend using the new LBT plugin that was released 2 weeks ago. You can create constructions with blinds in them that work just like Legacy honeybee and schedules are generally much more straightforward.