Branch data features in Ladybug 1.3

Hi all,
I have started using the new Ladybug version 1.3, but I am missing some old components which have wider range of features, which is the case of the branch data component. This component allowed me to play around with the hourly values but they were organized in branches, I miss that capability. I wonder if the are a way around to make it work without installing the old Ladybug version.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Julioamodia89 ,

Those capabilities still exist and have been embellished on the SDK layer of the software. All that you need to expose them is a line or two of Python code that uses the SDK like so:

Grouping Data by Time (14.0 KB)

I didn’t expose them on a dedicated LBT component because there are just a lot of capabilities like this that have important uses but they are kinda niche and, if we exposed all of them, we would easily double the number of Ladybug components (raising the learning curve for a lot of new users).

So I hope it’s not too much to ask an advanced user like yourself who is able to work with Grasshopper DataTrees to write a couple of lines of Python when you need a capability like this. In particular, I would really encourage you to look through the DataCollection classes since there are a lot of useful operations you can perform with them using the SDK.

I’ll also say that I can be convinced that a certain feature isn’t niche and should have a dedicated component. But my initial thought has been to keep things on the SDK layer until it becomes clear that a dedicated component would save everyone a lot of time.

Hi Chris,
Totally agreed. I didn’t know there were these hidden capabilities. I am ignorant of python code.
Thanks so much for your response. I will check how to work with SDK.


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