Bug with Honeybee plus "cannot import legendparameters from ladybug"


I started to use HoneybeePlus for daylight analysis and I’m facing a bug with the “annual daylight Metrics” component. It is saying that it cannot import legendparameters from Ladybug.

I did the latest update thx to “HoneybeePlus Installer” component

Does someone know why I receive that error message?

Thx in advance

Hi @dvdbremt
This issue looks similar to this thread Error with HB+ GridBasedRecipe: cannot import legendparameters from ladybug

Try to delete the line no.45 to 52 from the HB+ annual metrics component.


I actually changed line 46
import ladybug.legendparameters as lp

import ladybug.legend as lp

since the class is called legend and not legendparameters in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts\ladybug

and line 52
legend_par = lp.LegendParameters((0, 100), colors=col)
legend_par = lp.LegendParameters(0, 100, colors=col)

without the () since the argument needed is not a tuple…


Cool, and that solved your issue?

yep it s seems to be solved

This was a bug from a recent update to ladybug-geometry library. I pushed a new fix to GitHub. If you use the update component again it should fix the problem. Here is a file with the update component to update your installation:

update_honeybee_plus.gh (5.4 KB)

After updating the installation use update_file component to update the file.


Hi @mostapha
Thanks for the file!
I just tried to install honeybee+, and update using the file you shared, but the system shows, “WindowError”.

Do you have any idea how this could be fixed?

There’s a newer version 0.0.06 on food4rhino. Please try installing that.