Build a HVAC system in Grasshopper (2) VRF + DOAS



A quick demo to show how to build a VRF+DOAS system in Grasshopper with Ladybug toolset.

Stay tuned, and please let me know if you have any wishes.


Ironbug Beta Release


Hi, can I ask if the “ironbug” in the video is already available to download somewhere?


These components are so powerful. I want to know when it will join the Ladybug or how to download them?


@skyly @minggangyin, I am currently testing these components in two of our real projects, and my colleague is also using in another project. I am thinking it will be mostly ready for the public test next month.


@MingboPeng I am following your workflow,but Honeybee export to OpenStudio is different.Could you upload the component which you are using in the video.

The HVACSystem input is missing. I cannot connect the ironbug HVAC to OpenStudio

Your component is June 10 2018
My updated latest component is July 01 2018


@MingboPeng I found the June 10 version Honeybee export to Openstudio on GitHub.But when I set True for running,the Rhino 5 crashed.


which OpenStudio version you are using?
How did you install the plugins?
I haven’t created an automatic installation process, you will need to do following steps manually.

Please download this attachment (1.4 MB), and unzip to C:\Ironbug
Copy “OpenStudio.dll”, “openstudio_csharp.dll”, “openstudio_translators_csharp.dll” three files from OpenStudio folder to “C:\Ironbug” folder.
ps: OpenStudio 2.5 is required.

Move “Honeybee_Export To OpenStudio_1.ghuser” to “User Object Folder”

Move “Ironbug.ghlink” to “Components Folder”



Restart the Grasshopper.



@MingboPeng Thank you so much. Yesterday I just download the Ironbug master zip file from GitHub and copy the unzip folder to Grassshooper Compotent fold. Now I remove the relate folder and install Ironbug using your method, It worked fine. Ironbug is an amazing and powerful plugin. I loved it.

And I found some bug for Ironbug. It supports the 1 speed and 2 speed CoilCoolingDX, but does not support CoilCoolingDXMultiSpeed.

I sugget Using merge tree component for air loop modeling.


Dear MingboPeng

Thank you for your tutorial!:star_struck:


Thanks for letting me know.
OpenStudio team hasn’t finished the MultiSpeed DX Coil in their API, and I have added a warning to both heating and cooling MultiSpeed Coil.


Hi @MingboPeng ,
Firstly, thank you for this powerful plug-in and your efford.

I try to use it but i have same problem like @minggangyin.
I did what you said on 8. post but it doesnt solve it. I cant get HVAC systems input for Honey Bee Export the Open Studio component.

How can i solve it ? There are another solution for that problem ?



@obenakmaz please check this post :Ironbug Beta Release