Butterfly: Runtime Error(Win32Exception): Windows Error

Butterfly is throwing an error at the block mesh stage after creating a case. The error seems to be with os.chdir but unsure. Screenshot attached for info. Any ideas here?

I’ve installed everything properly, have given proper permissions to butterfly and Open FOAM. Still not sure why it can’t move forward. This has been the case with all example files.

I keep having the same exact error with my blockMesh node. Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

I have Rhino 6, blueCFD-Core 2017-2, and the newest Butterfly from Github.

I think I figured this out, see here (my comment is at the bottom):

I needed to slightly edit the Python to get things to work, so it’s not for the faint-heated :wink:

Hi @thomas.wortmann, I have the same issue you’ve talked about but it doesn’t work for me…
Still, I have a doubt. When you say:

Changing line 45 in runmanager_bluecfd.py to the below solves the problem for me:

self._project_folder = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser('~'), 'butterfly', self._project_name)

in my runmanager_bluecfd.py file I find as follow (from #line41 to #line49):

assert os.name == ‘nt’, “Currently RunManager is only supported on Windows.”
self._blue_folder = butterfly.config[‘of_folder’]
self._env = bcfdenv(self._blue_folder)
self._project_name = project_name
self._project_folder = r’c:\Users{}\butterfly{}’.format(
os.getenv(‘USERNAME’), self._project_name)
self.log_folder = ‘./log’
self.errFolder = ‘./log’
self._process = None

I’ve never written any Python script before, but it seems to me that #line45 and #line46 are strictly related and I am wondering which line I do really need to replace.

( I’ve been talking about this in this post: Block Mesh not running )

Thanks in advance,

I have a similar issue, I’m really new at ladybug tools. I install the latest versions and this happened.

Does it mean each of us would have to amend the py code, or do you know if this has been fixed by later releases @thomas.wortmann ?

As far as I know, this hasn’t been fixed yet.