Change aperture properties in LBT 1.5


I have imported a gbXML file from IES to LBT.
However, I found out that all apertures have reverted to being non operable.

Is there a way to change their properties altogether so they become operable and I can successively set up the natural ventilation?


Yes, as far as I understand, gbXML has no concept of operable windows. So this information will always be lost when sending models througha gbXML pathway.

This is really easy to do with the Pollination Rhino plugin since you could just import the gbXML to a Pollination/Honeybee model, select the apertures that you want to be operable, and change their properties. In the LBT Grasshopper plugin, we don’t really have an existing component that lets you do this easily so, if you want something like this, you need to do a little bit of scripting with the Ladybug Tools SDK like so: (55.7 KB)