Changing U value and SHGC per orientation


Is there a way to vary the value of overhang, U value and SHGC of the window per orientation? Similar to how we can change the glazing percentage per orientation using a native component of honeybee.


I don’t know what you mean by “overhang” but the HB Apply Window Construction can set the constructions of windows facing different orientations, just like the “Apertures by Ratio” component does.

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Hi @chris ,
I meant is it possible to vary U values and SHGC per orientation.

Per HB energy Primer:

constr [Required]
A Honeybee WindowConstruction or WindowConstructionShade to be applied to the input _hb_objs. This can also be text for a construction to be looked up in the window construction library. If an array of text or construction objects are input here, different constructions will be assigned based on cardinal direction, starting with north and moving clockwise.