Colibri aggregator does not print jpg correctly

Hi, I am running 2500 simulations using Colibri iterator and aggregator. The model is set to produce a picture of the daylight distribution on the floorplate but when I launch the iterator and aggregator, the daylight information do not get printed in the jpg, I can only see the geometry of the room. I have checked the visibility of the elements and they are all visible. Is anyone able to help?

I had similar problems, but I do not know if the reason is the same for you:
The colibri aggregator did not take screenshot of the last state of the model - but mid-script.
You could force it to be the last component that will be calculated

Hi Ae, thanks! I think this could be the issue actually. How do you force it to be the last component to be calculated?

It is complicated and I am not sure I can help in not my own file, but there is a good forum post here: