Colibri Images not being saved but data.csv file is produced?

This may be related to jpg files not being saved as it seems the order of the calculation is likely to to be the issue. I have a gh definition that runs E+ 3 times with variations of the same model:

  1. with no heating or cooling, to report floating temperatures as a heat map - recognising the intrinsic design of the building
  2. with ideal loads, to produce the excellent diagnostic tool: the monthly energy balance graphic
  3. with a heat pump installed to provide heating and cooling: reported in a monthly total heating and cooling energy graph

These are placed in different parts of the Rhino work area. These parts then have NamedViews assigned (CamelCase with no spaces in the names). I have set up Colibri to run through 1260 design options (north Window area, level of insulation etc) - and I have identified 4 named output graphs. Earlier trials worked a treat. Now I just get the data.csv file in the specifically named output folder. While monitoring my second screen I can see the graphs are being produced, but they are not being saved as images by Colibri. It does not seem to be a problem of the order of calculation, because if it were then I would, presumably have a whole bunch of blank output png files? I had assumed that the img collection would happen just before the Colibri Fly object changed the input variables?

In working through this, the most strange behaviour has been some versions of the script, when run in single run test mode have produced EnergyBalance graphs with all the axis annotation, but none of the graphic elements (the histogram bars and the associated colour bars in the legend). This is I believe unrelated to the Colibri save issue, but it did have me wondering if there is a memory limit issue?

Thanks in anticipation


I am returning to this question, whilst using v1.4 of LBT, puzzling what I can have done wrong, and providing the Rhino and gh files (though the latter at 1.76Mb is via Dropbox link)

Graphics_v14.3dm (171.5 KB)

A couple of days ago, the script ran smoothly producing the required graphics files and .csv file.

This argues to me that the complexity of the script itself is not the issue.

I am certainly not expecting folks to dive into these complexities - it works.

What I am puzzled about is this:
Currently, in the (red-brown section of the script) I have the following Colibri settings:

I am wanting only to run the Climate variations by Choosing a settings file that says:

the .csv fil gets written to disk but only with the column headings and while the run is happening, the running.txt file exists.

At each step, if the process is left to run through, the required images can be seen to appear in the NamedViews windows (in the accompanying Rhino file)

From the successful run to this run I added more climates, 9 instead of 6.

The climate files are simply selected by an item selector

And the input to the item selector that is linked to the Colibri iterator is

Essentially, I added items 6, 7 and 8.

BTW: If I run the Colibri sample file, it also works.

Any assistance / suggestions gratefully welcomed.

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Hi Did anyone find a solution to this? I’m struggling with the exact same issue…