Color Rooms with EUI

Hi everyone,

I am utilizing DF + HB combo to run an urban scale simulation and I am currently trying to color the rooms of each individual building (and its zones within the building) according to total EUI, instead of inputting heating/cooling/lighting/etc individually.

I just don’t know how to do that. I tried utilizing the new EUI component introduced in 1.2.0 but it just provides the final output and the zones names are lost.

I saw some past posts in this forum with screenshots of people doing this, so I know it is possible but I just don’t know how (or maybe it is something not implemented yet on LBT 1.2.0). Also tried using HB Read Tabular Data with no success. And of course, I tried inputting all EUI related EP outputs into the color rooms component but it just read the first output connected.

Can anyone share the workflow to do this?

Thank you so much.


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Hi folks,

I have the same problem…
I would be grateful if you could help to find a solution :slightly_smiling_face: