Feature Request: ColorRooms with custom data

@chris, I often find myself needing to color rooms (ideally their floors) by some custom data. For example, I might run some post-processing on each room’s indoor comfort data to assess whether each individual room complies with some standard. I’d then want a quick way to visualise in the model which rooms are failing, or to what degree they are failing.

The ColorRooms components is great when plugging in data collections from a sql output:

…but it doesn’t allow me to input custom (meta-)data:

I understand that there are workarounds but it seems that allowing the component to accept this kind of data would make the workflow much more convenient. I see that others have run into similar problems.

Is there a reason why you haven’t implemented this? If not, please consider this a feature request.


@MaxMarschall ,

I really think this is something that is best accomplished this using the “LB Create Legend” component. Here’s another discussion for a case where I used it to customize the coloring of face geometry:

The “Create Legend” component is just much more versatile and useful compared to anything that is constrained to only rooms or faces. Sure, it takes some mastery to use but then you learn this one component and then you are set for many use cases instead of just one.

If you really need a dedicated component for coloring rooms, there’s nothing stopping you from writing your own and making your own set of specialized user object using the Ladybug Tools SDK. You can use this class in honeybee and you are 90% of the way there.

I take your point @chris, and I can see the reasons for learning the SDK are accumulating so will give that a shot soon!