Color zones and surfaces by EP results - Unable to translate bytes

I started using Honeybee not to long ago and decided to do the tutorials to get acquainted with the plugin. Evertyhing was going pretty until I got to the “color zones by EP result” part. This component keeps showing and error saying “Unable to translate bytes [E9] at index 0 from specified code page to Unicode” I tried the “Color Surfaces by EP result” component but got the exact same error. Honeybee and Ladybug are both up to date, and also checked many different discussions, but couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

Is there any ways I can fix this? I attached my script along with a screenshot of it.

Alexandre Carrier (843.5 KB)

Hi @Alexcarrier30,

I am sure this error is because of the non-ascii character in the name of the weather file you are using. If you can edit that part of the weather file using notpad++ or something similar then this should work perfectly fine. Here’s the character that is causing this unicode error.

It worked perfectly!
Thank you very much!