Column wise Simulation results in Excel

Thanks for your reply @MingboPeng and @devang

I’ve looked into two different solutions

  1. to record the data using data recorder component and then write to excel using TT toolbox
  2. to iterate the idf file name with each iteration

I explained the two cases I’m trying in these posts here

  1. Exporting results to excel by using TT Toolbox
  2. Exporting results to excel by using TT Toolbox

still haven’t managed to get any of them connected to colibri, would appreciate your thoughts on which method would work better and any suggestions to get them linked to Colibri so that my results are in line with the combination of design variables (window width, shading type…etc) that is running in colibri??


Try this
column wise data (19.9 KB)

data.xlsx (8.8 KB)

This is an example of recording simulation result in columns;
column wise data (417.4 KB)

Thanks a lot @devang
Just tried this, it seemed to record the data at first. gave an output of different columns as I wanted but i can’t tell which combination of parameters (i.e. sliders) is for which output. I mean i get the results but not the input. noting that I’m having multiple sliders.

is there a way to link this to colibri iterator so I know what the inputs are?

another scenario is the idf different namings as i explained in this screenshot, but then how would you iterate that in line with colibri?

Hard to precisely respond But I would suggest you use the native grasshopper concatenate component. That should allow you to write all sorts of data such as inputs, file names, etc.

Yes I’m aware of the concatenate component and I can iterate the file names, but can’t link that to Colibri to get each iteration ouput.

In my final output i need to use design explorer that’s why I’m keen on linking to colibri.

I will try to simplify my file and upload it here later today so you might be able to help :slight_smile: