Command Line Interface (CLI) access to honeybee-radiance

Hi all,
just a really noob question.

I’m trying out some of the CLI commands but for some reason my cmd cannot find honeybee-radiance. Is it an exe in a bin folder somewhere that i need to add to my paths or is it a python file.

I get the below error

Hey @Mathiassn ,

So there are two ways that you can run the core libraries from command line. If you have installed a system Python directly from and then run:
pip install lbt-dragonfly -U
… as you see mentioned towards the bottom of the SDK docs page, then the command you have there will run as-is.

However, you can also run the core libraries using your own Ladybug Tools installation. For this, your command above should look like the following:

"C:\Users\[USERNAME]\ladybug_tools\python\Scripts\honeybee-radiance.exe" translate model-to-rad-folder model.hbjson --dry-run
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Realized that I only have python through Anaconda, however when I have LBT using your one click installer, adding
to my system environmental paths, works like a charm.

Thanks Chris!

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