Control over constructions for interior windows

In the attached simple model I have two internal and two external windows.
If I connect the external windows to addHBGlz component, it gives me control over the construction of the external windows.
But if I do the same thing for the interior windows, the construction will be still set to the default value.
Am I doing something wrong here, or do I need to go for the surface-by-surface zone making for interior windows?

Actually, the Mass2Zone approach worked well in terms of the geometry of sub-surfaces. That is, I could add different (internal and external) sets of windows via one addHBGlz. So, I think it makes sense if one can add the corresponding number of constructions to the same addHBGlz component as well. (515.4 KB)

@farhang.tahmasebi ,
The issue is that the solveAdjacencies component is overwriting the construction of your interior windows when it identifies them as interior windows.

If you instead connect up you interior window construction to the altWindowConstr_ input of the Solve Adjacency component, this will ensure that interior window constructions are overwritten with the correct construction:

Thanks @chris. I did this. But then runEnergySimulation fails to find the internal window construction in the library.

Hi @farhang.tahmasebi,

See this file: (526.5 KB)

There was a minor issue with how you assign the windows as they are touching the edge of the surface. I moved them slightly up for Honeybee to pick them up.

I also updated the file to Honeybee 63. Is there any reason that you don’t update to the new version? It’s quite easy to update your old scripts if that’s the reason. You can use update_file component to update it for you.

Thanks @mostapha. It is working now.
And I was not aware of the update_file component.