Cooling Coil Has no Rated Capacity Input

Was trying to hardcode the capacity for a water cooling coil but it seems to be missing that input while the heating coil has it.

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@MingboPeng I would be thankful if take a look at this question. I have the same problem as well.

Hi @ehsan.anvary, @Elliot_Glassman. I do not believe that the Coil:Cooling:Water has a rated capacity input.
Neither the E+ documentation for the Coil:Cooling:Water has a rated capacity input, as well as the openstudio application not having a rated capacity input for Coil:Cooling:Water

I hope that is helpful

@TrevorFedyna Thank you for your answer. so what should I do when want to model an FCU unit based on this document? In this climate just cooling load needed and the capacity is for cooling.