Create a Modelica district network from URBANopt simulation created with Dragonfly

Hi All,
I’m trying to create heat networks with the URBANopt District Energy System workflow. I’ve performed the URBANopt simulation using Dragonfly, but although the weather file is included when launching the simulation, the “weather” folder does not appear in the project folder, and the climate file is not included in the geojson file. When I try to create the Modelica model using “uo_des build-sys-param”, I get the following error: KeyError: ‘weather_filename’. I’ve tried creating the “weather” folder in the project and including “weather_filename”: “ESP_Gerona.081840_SWEC.epw” in the geojson, but I get the following error: Exception: Returned non 200 status code trying to download weather file: 403. It seems that the .epw file is not being detected, and it’s trying to download it from the internet but failing.
How can I include the weather file when creating the geojson from DragonFly? Or if someone knows how to solve the problem directly from the console. Regards.

Hello @chris , now with the new update, the new components of DES can be correctly implemented in Modelica, or what is specifically calculated by applying the new components to the UrbanOpt simulation?