Create internal blind for daylight and energy simulation

Hello everyone,
I am trying to run daylight and energy simulation of a dynamic internal blind to control Glare. I want to compare the amount of sDA and energy inside a small office space with and without a blind. As I don’t want a blind to cover the whole window, so I’ve splitted the window into 2 parts (upper part and lower part) and try to cover the upper part.

I’m facing some problems. would appreciate any help.

1-when I want to create HBZones, I got an open brep. How can I have closed brep with splitted window without adding an extra window frame between 2 parts?

2-To create a blind, I’ve used"(E+) window shade generator" and I chose the upper part of the window as HBOjects input. Then shade brep (output) is used for daylight simulation part. I’ve used advanced dynamic shading and connected the glare control recipe. Moreover I’ve defined an external and internal sensor points for shading Group sensors. Do you think I am doing it in the right way? Before I splitted the window I’ve checked the simulation with a single window which is covered with blind completely in a closed HBzone, and I realized the simulation takes a lot of time and at the end I don’t have any results for sDA and energy.
Could anybody give me a hand with them?

Thanks in advance.

Attached you can find my GH file.
PLANAR FACADE-HORIZONTAL PV AT TOP-with Blind and split (1008.1 KB)

This addresses a part of your problem. I will write more once I get a chance to work on it further

Hi Devang,

Thanks for your reply. I checked the discussion that you mentioned and I’ve tried to make some changes. But it seems there are still some problems, specially in the daylight simulation part. I run the simulation and after 8 hours I didn’t get any results. I tried to find some examples to help me with daylight part but unfortunately I didn’t get what and where the problem is. Attached is the new file. I would really appreciated if you can look at the daylight part.

PLANAR FACADE-HORIZONTAL PV AT TOP-with Blind and split (1019.6 KB)

Thanks in advance.
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Hi @Nikou,
Can you please keep only relevant components in the file and share a minimal version?

Hi @devang,
I’ve tried to make my file simple. Thanks for your help.
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PLANAR FACADE-HORIZONTAL PV AT TOP-with Blind and split (701.0 KB)

Hi @devang,
Did you get any chance to look at my file? Do you have any idea or example how I can run daylight simulation with dynamic blind to control glare?
Thank you so much.
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PLANAR FACADE-HORIZONTAL PV AT TOP-with Blind and split (696.5 KB)

I disconnected the high radiance parameters that you’re using and could run your file just fine at my end. For glare I will advice using Honeybee[+]. Please see this.