Create programs by changing openstudio standards?

Hi there,
I would like to perform a city simulation (Lisbon). To simplify it I pretend to use archetypes. Those are based on building age, occupancy type, city location. At the the end maybe I will have 10 to15 archetypes. Each one has different schedules for internal gains, different constructive solutions and so on.
I have experience on Energy Plus but i am an absolute beginner (RIP master Bowie) on GH.
For my one week overview of honeybee it seems that two possible approaches would be:

  1. change the OpenStudio_Standards (json file on ladybug folder) by adding the Archetypes…


  1. Create all the components on GH canvas, including loads, schedules, constructions …

Can you help me?
Sorry for the long post, thank you very much for your time

Hi,@Ricardo_Gomes @MingboPeng have answered this question, please refer to this link:

Thank you for the fast response