Create thermal bridge for Honeybee energy analysis

Hello community,

I have finally set a complete model to energy analysis, the problem that I have is how to add thermal bridges, I mean, not use THERM, I just want to add thermal bridge in a model for EP analysis.

I see the option to " Thermally Bridged EP Construction", I think that it change de EP material adding a equivalence adding the thermal bridge.

But that I really want is create an adicional surface to a HBZone that represent the thermal bridge, (The second option of this link: The problem I am not very sure how to add a extra open surface to a closed HBZone, Its possible?

I tried to descompt the zone and after joing all usin create hbzone from surface, but its says the zone must be close.

I found the videos of therm of Ladybugs tools webside, that collection explain how to do that? I dont think so, but i am not very sure.

Thanks a lot

I solved It, finally I used the Thermally Bridged EP Construction using this equation:

Um = Ui + Sum(Phi x L)/Ai

There is a catalogue of phi values written by the Spanish Goverment:


Nice work!

For anyone else wondering, here’s a breakdown of the formula for summing heat flow from clear field assemblies with point/linear transmittance:

From the Morrison Hershfield guide for Thermal Bridging.