Creating a simulation by honeybee with different models in Energyplus

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to simulate a Thermal performance based on Brazillian standarts, but I realized that there are differences in results when we compare HB configurations to Energyplus exemple file by laboratory (Labeee - that developed the standart. And I realized that are many differences in modules configurations (attached image

How so, I thought if there are any way to create a new configuration modules with HB components. My obstacle was the geometry that I can’t extract this informations of components to creat a new lines of codification. I’ll put here my new project to you understand what I am doing
Triana.3dm (296.4 KB) (418.1 KB).
I’ve tried insert new lines in Add_str_ but in sme cases, there is one in standart OSM, and didn’t run. If this input overlap instead of just add, could be a solution. I dropped this way for now.
I’ve tried to configurate just the rooms to change modules manually, but I have some troubles, example: the configuration of ground by ground domain:slab by other side condition (like example file of laboratory)
I thought in some solutions, but I want to see if you already did something like that, I don’t want to make a previous simulation to get IDF and clean that externally, this will lost potentialities of Grasshopper.
So if anyone has a solution, I’ll be grateful

You can read IDF files and if you know programming you can use LB SDK to customise the IDF in Grasshopper.

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I realized that in previous versions I think there is a component who makes this kind of simulation, it was Honebee_ Run energy simulation. It has the input for HBzones. In this version 1.5, we just have HB run idf and two quick energy simulations components that don’t work like previous one.
My question is: Is there any component that just work with the geometry and let us to write modules on e+ or no? And Is there something like that in development?

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I believe it can be related to the idf version. See this discussion for more information.
According to that post the minimal idf version should be 9.6. Though that discussion is from a while ago.
Try to update the idf to the latest version and then see if you can simulate it.

I could try to be more helpful if you can mention what all changes you wish to make to your base IDF file in Grasshopper using HB. If cant be disclosed publically, u can msg me. :slight_smile:

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