Cull values according to occupied hours


I have an EP output SQL file from another application which I try to analyse with LBT.
I calculated the PMV values hourly for each room, I exported the results as an SQL file to parse it with the HB Read Custom Result component.

Now I would like to cull the values to see how a space performs in the occupied hours only.
In the script I created random values to imitate how I imagine the workflow could work.

Is there a way to convert the schedule to alphanumeric values spanning a year? Or should I just use Duplicate for an approximate result? (It won’t include holidays, etc.)


PMV_cull to (117.5 KB)

I was digging up this thread, something similar but with more granularity:

It would look like this (current approach as in the .gh script above):

Hey! I don’t know if this will still be useful for you, but it seems that using the LB Apply Conditional Statement component (check this) should be enough.

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