LB Adaptive Comfort for occupied hours only

Hey everyone!

I want to filter the annual comfort results from the LB Adaptive Comfort (Adaptive) component based on the occupancy schedule for each one of the 3 zones that compose my model. I tried using the LB Apply Conditional Statement (Statement), but I’m struggling to apply it to my multiple zones/schedules example:

I’ve found a fairly similar discussion on this matter here, but it tackles only weekends and I figure there is a simpler way to address this issue.

Filter Comfort Occ (59.5 KB)



It looks like you could easily achieve what you want by using data trees. Try grafting the output of both the adaptive comfort component and the schedule to values component.

You’ll also need to replace that “Always Off” schedule with something else since no value is going to meet that conditional statement for a schedule of all zeros (as the error message suggests).

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Thank you for the quick reply @chris, it worked perfectly! I changed the Always Off schedule and grafted/simplified the data to have matching paths for each zone’s comfort results and its respective occupation schedule.

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