Daylight analysis, Parametric facade trying to set aluminium material

Hi everyone,
Im running daylight analysis for a period 1/1-31/12 between 8 am - 19 pm for a building. I used radiance opaque material component for the floor,ceiling,walls,context(meshtorad) and glass material component for my glass facade.My shading geometry is a result of aggregation of leaves,with FOX plugin(also i used pufferfish plugin to move it through the facade).I connected my geometry(brep) with opaque material component and set srf type to 6(shading) but when i increase the shading rows of my leaf geometry i do not have a significant variation of TOTAL RADIATION(kwh/m2)

I suppose, my question is how to set my geometry with a material like ALUMINIUM that BLOCKS THE SUN & operates as a shading that reduces TOTAL RADIATION.
Greatly appreciate any help,

If you are interested in blocking the sun then why don’t you use the radiation analysis from Ladybug? I believe a sunlight hour analysis may as well serve the purpose.

I used it too but it seemed to me more legit the honeybee method because i set materials. With ladybug radiation analysis i have geometry and context inputs. Also how im gonna set the shading geometry ?

Unless you’re interested in reflections, Ladybug workflows are ideal choice. In radiation analysis and the sunlight hours analysis, the geometry will be your facade and the shading geometry will be the context.

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Without seting materials?

Ok i set the shading as context. Then maybe i should do another analysis for the context buildings?

Geometry = Area you want to analyze. In your case, the glass.
Context = Everything else that can shade the area of interest. This includes the shading element and surrounding buildings.

If you want to include the reflection from the surrounding buildings then only you’ll need to use radiance

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My main point is to reduce the radiation in the room and keep it between levels that its not annoying(teaching class).I was thinking after the analysis to connect total radiation with galapagos or silvereye as fitness function & sliders of my shading geometry(rows & number of leaves).So do you reckon without the buildings in context will do the ‘‘trick’’?

If the buildings can influence the results then they should be included for sure.

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