Daylight simulation in urban scale

hi to everyone

i was thinking about daylight simulation in urban scale to harvesting the daylight efficiency metrics such as DA,UDI and… and i concluded that in honey be we have no any solutions like daragonfly pluging for simulating energy issues. and i encountered to this paper but it belongs to the long time ago. is there any capabilities for that?

Hi @Aliarch ,

I know that we have not published any formal tutorials on this but every Dragonfly model is translate-able to Honeybee and this is the type of workflow that I would currently recommend if you would like to perform daylight simulations with your urban-scale Dragonfly models.

Because the Annual Daylight recipes are already parallelized and perform optimal splitting of the sensor grids to distribute the computational load, there really isn’t a need for a special paralllelized workflow like what we have for energy simulation with URBANopt.

Here is a sample file with the workflow that I would recommend:

FYI, Dragonfly objects also have the ability to assign ModifierSets to them. If this becomes something that would really streamline your workflows, we can expose it in Grasshopper.


I’m for it.


thanks @chris for your respond.
i thought if there was any workflow for daylight simulation, it will be different according to the calculation method. maybe it takes a lot of time for running due to 2 phase method. anyway this is very useful.

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