DF Run URBANOpt: No sql output

I am trying to get the Dragonfly “from_building_footprints.gh” sample file to work. Some of the components weren’t working, which I think was because I have a later version of LBT installed, so I used the LB Sync Grasshopper File component to update the definition.

Now, the DF Run URBANOpt component runs but doesn’t output anything (except from the “scenario” output).

Why is this?
from_building_footprints.gh (113.2 KB)

It runs fine for me, @MaxMarschall . Do you have URBANopt CLI installed as noted at the end of the installation instructions:

Thanks @chris, I have now installed URBANopt CLI but I am getting a “Windows Error”:

from_building_footprints 01.gh (117.4 KB)

I previously used the LB Versioner to update to the latest development version and used the LB Sync component to update the definition (and even restarted my computer after installing URBANopt), but have noticed that now some components say 1.2.0, some say 1.2.1 and some say 1.2.2. Could it have anything to do with this? When doing an update, I would expect all components to then have the same version number.

@MaxMarschall ,

When you use a development version of the LBT plugin, all of the components will have different versions depending on whether they have been edited since the last stable release. When we do a stable release, we sync all of the version number of the components. So long story short, your components are fine for someone using the development version of the plugin and URBANopt CLI 0.6.0.

Your URBANopt simulation didn’t run successfully for some reason. I would try plugging in a _folder_ to write the GeoJSON to that is different than the default for the reasons that I outline here:

I tried to manually specify a new folder for the simulation to run in but it doesn’t work. I sitll get the “all open studio workflows failed to execute” error.

It refers me to this part (line 159) of the code:

if _run == 1:
osm, idf, sql, zsz, rdd, html, err = run_urbanopt(_geojson, scenario)
if len(sql) == 0:
msg = ‘All of the OpenStudio workflows failed to execute.\n’
‘Check the run.log files in the sub-folders of this directory:\n{}’.format(
os.path.join(os.path.dirname(_geojson), ‘run’, ‘honeybee_scenario’))

Do you know what else could’ve gone wrong?

@BcBod 's message is duplicated and the discussion should not continue here. Rather, it should happen on the new topic following my recommendations there:

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