DF Terrain error

DF Terrain produces this error. Not too sure why that is. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the geometry, but when I do a simple surface and reduce the scale it works. But I need this surface as the geometry. I’ve tried attaching the GH script, but won’t let me. Please help

Note: Everything else in the script works, I’ve already checked. As soon as I detached the geometry from the _terrain_geo the script works as normal

Hi @malachi ,

You need to search more posts on the forum before you get the capability to upload files. Chances are that this issue may have already been addressed if you run the LB Versioner, particularly if you find a post on this forum with the same error message.

If not, then it’s possible that your terrain geometry is not formatted correctly. Note that the _terrain input expects you to include the area underneath the building geometries.

Hey @chris thanks for responding, yeah I’ve looked at other posts with the same error (1. UWG model simulation failed and 2. Error while running the Urban Weather Generator/Dragonfly: **list index out of range**)

I did set all terrain geometries as the _terrain input, made sure the surface direction was correct. I’ve also tried using a simple rectangular surface as well to see if it would solve it.

The only way I could the the UWG component to run was by reducing surface, as mentioned by second post I looked at. When I scale the surface down I get values for the footprint density, which allows the UWG to run properly.

I found that with a larger surface it sets the footprint density to 0.0.

A footprint density of 0 would definitely cause a failure. If you think that this was an incorrect calculation on the part of the components, you can post a link to a sample file producing the zero footprint density and I will take a look. If not, just make sure that your terrain is appropriately coordinated with your buildings.