Different Results from Daylight Analysis by Ladybug tools and Honeybee Plus

I have three questions;
First, which of the versions of Honeybee (Honeybee Plus, legacy, and the new version) has faster and accurate for light analysis?

second, To select the versions for the daylight analysis, I doubt whether to work with Honeybee plus or the new Honeybee (Radiance Tab), so I tested them. What happened was very strange, the results of the two analyzes were very various. on the other hand, it seems that the results of the new version are not logical at all !! Please guide me.



Third, to simulate daylight of the zones, It seems that Honeybee Plus and the new version have bugs.
I simulated two zones adjacent to each other in two situations, first I simulated them separately, then did it at the same time. the results of the two simulations were different. so I can not do daylight analysis for my building which has several zones.

Simulation of Zone One:
Simulation of Zone Tow:
simulation both of zones:

In the end, I attach a simplified file done by both plugins (Honeybee Plus and New version) for review. in the Honeybee Plus sample, daylight analysis is done but I can not output. please check the file.
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DaylightSimulation.gh (569.7 KB)

The default Radiance parameters in LBT plugin is more relaxed. Try to use the same Radiance parameters and the results between [+] and LBT plugins should match closely.

@mostapha Thanks for your response, but it was very general and my problem did not solve.
if I want to know the defaults parameters of the Radiance of LBT and [+] plugins, where can I check?

There’s a component for radiance parameters in both the legacy and [+] libraries. You can reuse the [+] component for honeybee-radiance too.

I tested in LBT and set the radius parameters and the results were better, but the results in [+] seem to be much better than LBT and I do not know exactly what values and settings are set for it by default.

Please look at GH: DaylightSimulation.gh (95.3 KB)

Do not have an answer to my question?

hi @Mohammad.hakim.a. I edited a little bit of your definition and ran the test. Now it’s calibrating very well between two versions. I added similar occupancy and a common radiance parameter for both. And please update to latest development module. I ran with radiance 5.3.annual_daylight_tested_Revised_Final.gh (154.8 KB)


@Asisnath, Thanks a lot for your help.