Discrepancy in daylight results between HB v0 and v1

similarly to what done by @Mohammad.hakim.a here, I have tried to update my gh scripts and have observed significant discrepancies between the results of daylight analyses between hb v0.065 and v1.0.0.

I set up a small experiment which allows a comparative test. I have applied the same radiance and sets of radiance parameters, and yet obtain significantly different results when testing the daylight factor between 2 shoeboxes.
Daylight_Comparison__HB0-HB1__AB.gh (646.6 KB)

Hi @andrea.botti .The solution is already posted in that post. Check the daylight file attached there.

@Asisnath I don’t think so, because that example compares Honeybee + with Honeybee Radiance, whereas I am comparing Honeybee 0.064/65 with 1.0.0. Could you please help out on my query?

Hi Andrea,

in your legacy 0.0.65 simulation, you are technically not running a Daylight Factor calculation, because in the recipe you have selected to use a “uniform sky”, which is not the CIE Overcast Sky that the Daylight Factor should be calculated with. You need to set that boolean toggle to “False”.

I am not sure if there is any other issue, this is one that I spotted.

P.S. Try to share scripts with simulation booleans toggled to “False”, so that we can open them without waiting for a simulation run, and so we do not write folders that we did not want in our computers.

Best regards


@IasonBournas yes of course. That boolean toogle was left over resulting from a copy and paste. Apologies, that was rather daft!

No worries, good luck with your work!

Thank you very much from the prompt reply!