Direct Radiation result is Wrong on LadyBug!


I was trying to separate the total radiation into direct radiation and diffuse radiation.
I did a single hour radiation simulation. And the some parts of sunlight were blocked by the louvers.
I have 400 test points. Thus, some of points will result 0 radiation, and others will result the same value of radiation. Because I checked “removeDiffuse_” on selected sky matrix component, by computing the angle between normal vectors of test points and the sun vector, the test points will have same value of factored direct radiation at the hour.

But, my assumption was wrong. As you see my sceenshot and the attached GH file, it shows different values of radiation on my test points. It looks like that the diffused radiation is included on my result.

Am I wrong? How can I calculate the direct radiation only on LadyBug?

Thanks for your answers.

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Jaeman PARK (404.8 KB)

Is there a specific reason to use Design Sky instead of Cumulative sky for radiation analysis?

Yes. it’s rainy in Summer of Korea, and I don’t want to run a radiation simulation at the cloudy day.
That’s why I used ASHRAE revised clear sky(TAU model).
AND whichever I use epw weather data or tau model for daylight simulation, the direct radiation result shows unexpected situation.
I HOPE that my answer will help you to answer my first question. Thanks.

I am surprised the file works at your end. I believe I have encountered a bug in the Design Sky component and the file does not work at my end without errors.
Can you please internalize the cumulativeSkyMatrix and share that?

Hello devang,

I tested on different conditions and concluded that my question needs to be updated.
I made a new article and shared weather data and GH file there.