DIVA transition to Honeybee

Hello everybody,

I usually use DIVA for environmental optimization, but now I am transitioning to Ladybug and honeybee.

In the figure below, I am performing a simple daylight analysis using DIVA where each object (in this case presented by a brep) is assigned a material and then input into the DIVA Daylight Analysis component

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching tutorials about honeybee to figure out how to transform breps into HB zones and assign Honeybee_Radiance Materials to them, but the it’s been hard to grasp as most of the examples for daylight analysis focused on analysis for indoor spaces.

What I want to achieve is a daylight analysis on the exterior of the building according to a grid reliant on the exterior glass of the form shown in the attached picture (the colored part).

Is there any good tutorial tackling this kind of situation or if anybody would be kind enough to explain the steps and I’ll try doing them and see if I got it right

Thanks a lot

Can you please share the objective behind doing this?

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The objective is to perform a form optimization process using Octopus, depending on the solar isolation values at the building exterior skin

In that case, why don’t you use Radiation analysis from LB-Legacy?

Because I want to make each building element a seperate entity with a special material assigned for each, using HBzones

I am not sure if I understand that. Can you please elaborate?
If you are looking at solar insolation on facade then why would you go through the process of assigning materials to building elements?

What is the problem assigning a grid analysis in the facade itself?

I am just not sure how to do that, is there a good tutorial that you would recommend or a video series that I should watch to learn…thx a lot

I meant solar irradiation, sorry to have mislead you, thank you

@sherifusa1988 There are many videos about ladybug solar radiation on Youtube. You can check it.

as I said before

What I want to achieve is a daylight analysis on the exterior of the building according to a grid reliant on the exterior glass of the form shown in the attached picture, most of the examples and tutorials are for daylight analysis focused on analysis for indoor spaces

@sherifusa1988 Could you share your grasshopper file?

sure, here you go


sorry tried to attach here, but it said new users can’t upload files

thx a lot

Sorry to say @sherifusa1988 but … you didn’t even tried to solve the issue here.
Your file is a DIVA solved one. You are not expecting for anyone here to make this work for you, right?
I recommend you to check the tutorials and files @minggangyin posted above and then, if you have issues or questions let the forum know.

well obviously Abraham you didn’t read the whole post, I never asked anyone to do the work for me or even edit this file, I just posted it because someone asked me to, all I asked for if someone knew a tutorial about this specific topic, or just explain it to me, transitioning from DIVA to ladybug and honeybee

This is the file I am working on
File02.gh (693.4 KB)
as you can see I used ladybug radiation analysis, but it’s irrelevant to me, because in DIVA I used to input the breps or geometry with the material properties for each, but after watching tutorials I found out that materials could only be used in honeybee for energy simulation and indoor scenes or at least these are all the tutorials I found

so if you would be kind to either explain if what I understood is true or correct me if I am wrong. Is it possible to perform a solar radiation analysis with materials assigned to geometry under study, and setting a grid according to a certain selected geometry like in DIVA? or is this not how ladybug and honeybee work?


Clearer now.
In your file you are trying to use the LB radiation analysis, where you can’t define materials.
In HB you need to define 2 sets of materials, one for daylight analysis (radiance) and one for energy analysis (E+/OS), if you want to do both of them.
Attached a simple example where you can go over the whole process. Pay attention to the material definition components.
Hope this helps.
HB_GridBaseAnalysis_CubeExample.gh (533.6 KB)


thx a lot for the response and this amazing file, I am studying it now, and will get back to you if anything is unclear

I am just getting this error and don’t know what the problem is exactly, can you help me with it? thx

I assume that the error is not happening with the original file i uploaded since it was working. You are having a null input, probably on the _HBObjects input, but without the file you are working on is hard to say. The other inputs are pretty straight forward so i don’t think the problem is there.
In any case you need to clean the data to avoid those null items.

I’ve been trying a lot, I removed ladybug and honeybee and re-added them, tried to check all the inputs and that the process has no errors, but I still can’t fix the error, that’s the error I get from the “read me”, does anybody know what the problem is?