Domestic hot water energy consumption

Hi all,
I know it may be a silly question, but is there any component calculating the energy consumed by domestic hot water usage?
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Do you need a component for this, is it not enough to calculate the power to raise the temperature about 50 degrees C and maby some pump energy?

Hi Max,
Thank you for your reply.
For the simplicity of the calculation, the answer is not.
But for curiosity, I tried to find one in HB because as far as I know, the ARCHSIM has this function.


Use the “Ladybug_Residential Hot Water” and “Ladybug_Commercial Public Apartment Hot Water” components from Ladybug’s “4 | Renewables” tab. You need the output “heatingLoadPerHour” in kWh.
Modify its inputs to accommodate your building type.
Attached is an example definition. (399.0 KB)

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Hi @djordje
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Hi everyone!
I have a question : does Honeybee HVACs and OpenStudio simulation includes service water heating or just building heating?
It might sound like a silly question but there are differences in the US and Polish terminology for some systems.
By service water heating I mean : heating the water for use in sinks, taps, bath and so on…
Thanks for help in advance if anyone find my question here!

Hi @Mike_Rogozinski, did you find an answer?

Legacy Honeybee will never support Service Hot Water but I am planning to add it into the LBT Plugin before the next stable release in another month or so.

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Thank you for your tremendous help @chris!