Domestic Hot Water Energy Factor

Hello Ladybug Team!

I wonder if the energy consumption that I get from the Legacy component explained here is the same calculated in Honeybee when I use the HB_SHW System component.

I am trying to model a single family home and the energy results I am obtaining from the SHW are quite high.

I am trying to be more specific and model the following:
1)I want to be able to confirm that the kWh I am seeing in Legacy is what is being considered in the energy model.
2)I would like to be able to confirm or modify energy factor of SHW to 0.59
3)I would like to set Recovery efficiency to 0.76
4)I would like to set the tank capacity to 40 gallons
5)I would like to se the burner capacity to 36,000 Btu/h
6)Lastly, I would like to set up the location of the tank inside the house. the component says this is possible, but when I connected to the ‘room’ it does not like it.

Attached a file for your reference.
2023.0207 - Water Heater (435.1 KB)

Thanks in advance!