Double Skin Facade DSF No Heat or Solar Gain in Adjacent Inner Room


In my simulation it seems my inner room is not having any solar gain or heat transfer through the inner skin/glazing. I have 2 zones: The outer is a fully glazed double skin facade cavity named DSF_Zone1 (ventilated with slots set using setEPairflow), and the inner is a large office space also fully glazed to the cavity named inner_zone. For simplicity I have set all other surfaces to adiabatic, all internal gains to 0.

After running it I notice that the inner_zone receives 0 solar gain year round. I’ve also checked that the “window total solar energy” output is also 0 for the inner office window (suggested here: No solar gains through interior window)

Further in checking the “surface energy flow” output, the inner skin (2 adjacent surfaces) appear to be missing.

I’ve also tried setting the adjacent surfaces as AIRWALL like in @chris example DSF hydra file ( but the zones just mix and cavity temperatures are like the conditioned office space.

There are no errors/warning in the output about adjacency… Is there something wrong with my model, or are these results normal?

Attached is the rhino and gh file. The geometry is drawn in GH from a rhino line.
DSF_issue_rhino.3dm (164.9 KB) (727.0 KB)

Thank you, any help is appreciated! :smiley:

EnergyPlus diffuses all of the solar energy after it passes through an interior window and it will record all of the zone solar gain in the first zone.

I don’t recommend using an air boundary for this condition unless there truly isn’t a glass pane between the two rooms.

Also, I would highly recommend upgrading to the LBT plugin. The geometry translation methods of the LBT are generally much more reliable.

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