Dragonfly legacy envimet components

Hi all,

For those people who love envimet, I am happy to share some new components with you!

As of today. Dragonfly now contains capabilities to export to envimet and this should make your envimet modeling phases a lot easier.

These new components are based on lb_envimet project and this release boasts a number of improvements. The available capabilities of this first official release are:

  • Modeling 3D buildings with Grasshopper to generate ENVI_MET model areas

  • Green walls and green roofs

  • Using EPW file to feed simulation file

  • Generating SIM file

To get the new envimet capabilities, you will have to reinstall Dragonfly using the installation instructions listed here.

Once you have installed the new Dragonfly, you can see an example file demonstrating the new workflow here



This is a very usefull addin for environnmental analysis. Great work @AntonelloDiNunzio

Great news @AntonelloDiNunzio!!

Wonderful work @AntonelloDiNunzio!!
Thank you for sharing it with the community!


Great this tool is improving. This new release solved a couple of the problems I had with the prior releases. I notice however there is no terrain tool this time? Prior tools had a terrain and ‘ENVImet building cutter’ projecting the buildings on a sloped terrain.

Or is terrain handled differently?

Best, Rob

Glad to have these as a part of legacy :dragonfly: !

Hi @rob_van_houten

Terrain input is on roadmap of these new components. I will add other new improvements!


That is great. Do you have an idea of a timeline? I am in the middle of something and in doubt how to proceed. It comes down to trying to solve the problems I have with the last iteration with terrain tools, or wait for terrain to be added to this last set of tools.

Or bypass them somehow? Can you advice on that?

Thanx & best, Rob

Hi @rob_van_houten

I planned to add it during the second week of January.

It comes down to trying to solve the problems I have with the last iteration with terrain tools.

Could you please open a new topic about it? I can evaluate if exist is a workaround to solve it in some way.


Great job @AntonelloDiNunzio!

Hi Antonello, great work you’re doing with ENVImet GH integration…
I was wondering where I can get the updated ENVI_met GH components,and was also wondering if there will be / is an option to run the ENVI_met simulation directly from GH… and perhaps then it would be possible to run some iterations on it (which will take considerable time, but still)

Thank you!


@JonathanNatanian ,
To answer your first question about how to get the new components, just follow the installation instructions here:

You can also use the Update Dragonfly component to get the new components.

Hi @JonathanNatanian,
To answer the second question: No. You can’t … unfortunately.


Hi Chris,
Thank you

I followed the installation instructions, and also used Update Dragonfly component. I do have some ENVImet components in Ladybug but not all, Envi-Met Main SIM settings and other components are missing…

All the best and marry Christmas



That could have been great… other possibility will be to automatically generate a SIMfile for each iteration, and hope that Envi-Met can automatically run the simulation for a series of these files. I will ask the developers.

Happy holidays Abraham


Check their forum since this question has been asked quite a few times.
As far as i know it is not possible … yet.


what is envi-bug plugin that use in some essay?

how can i envimet output folder open in ladybug only use lady bug for chart and analayze?

Here are some tutorial of dragonfly for envi-met. You can watch and study it.