dryBulbTemperature input does not contain valid temperature values

Hi! I run Ladybug_Psychrometric Chart component but it shows two errors:

  1. _dryBulbTemperature input does not contain valid temperature values.
  2. _relativeHumidity input does not contain valid value.
    Can someone please help me?

Hi @zahra.esmzde . You are mixing Ladybug legacy components with LBT 1.2 veraion. Use psychrometric chart of legacy version.

Thank you @Asisnath for your help. I used the Psychrometric chart of LB-Legacy and now it shows another error.

You can refer to this https://discourse.ladybug.tools/t/psychrometric-chart-desnt-show-comfort-polygon/7053 post.

Thank @Asisnath. I updated both HB and LB and it still didn’t work. Then I used LB installed in Rhino 6 and it again showed this error.

I can suggest you to switch to Lbt 1.2 version Pyschrometric chart workflow (no legacy component).

@Asisnath Could you please let me know how to visualize the psychrometric chart in this way?

@Asisnath I also want to test passive strategies. Could you please help me with that too?

You can check this example for your reference.psychrometric_chart_example.gh (48.6 KB)

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@Asisnath Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help.