Duplicate icons ribbon

Hi there!
I sometimes get duplicate icons in the honeybee ribbon. Only few icons are duplicate, not all of them. Any idea why?
I have updated to 1.4.0 btw

Hi @BlueMeadows ,

In this case, it’s because the names of those components have changed and, given the way that you updated your LBT plugin, the components with the older names did not get deleted. I recommend running the uninstaller.gh file that comes with the Food4Rhino download and then run the installer.gh again. That should wipe the slate clean and give you a fresh installation.

Hi @chris,

Thank you for the reply.
After running the uninstaller.gh, closing Rhino and reopening it again, I still get some LB leftover (screenshot). Is it normal?

Thank you for your help!

Grasshopper does not allow you to delete .gha files while it is open. So, to get rid of those components, you have to delete the .gha file in:


Problem solved, thanks @chris!

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